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Just published at Propeller. My reflection on Jonathan Abrams’ new book Boys Among Men: How the Prep to Pro Generation Redefined the NBA and Sparked a Basketball Revolution.

“Boys Among Men” (Jonathan Abrams, NBA, teenage prodigies, economics, labor, sociology of sport, humanizing athletes, race)


Here is a collection of my favorite essays, reflections, opinions, lists from the last few months.

“16 Thoughts on the 2016 Couch Olympics” by Dave Pell (humor)

“Hope is an Embrace of the Unknown” by Rebecca Solnit (wisdom, philosophy, psychology, education)

“Black Mothering is a Means of Protest” by Dominique Matti (self explanatory)

“The Longest Run” by S.L. Price (Refugee Olympic team)

“Performance, Anxiety, and the Brocial Compact” by David Roth (masculinity, conformity, insecurity and the sports media)

“The Round Mound of Enough Already” by T.D. Williams (race, media, Barkley)

“There’s no Emotion We Need to Think Harder About than Anger” by Martha Nussbaum (emotion, psychology, spirituality, healing, Nelson Mandela)

“American Horror Story” by Laurie Penny (politics, myth-making, democracy)

“President Obama’s speech at Dallas Memorial Service (race, policing, police brutality, empathy, unity)


My work:

“You are Given a Glass of Water” (politics, Bernie Sanders supporters, Hillary)

“Feel Good Music: Michael Kiwanuka’s Love and Hate” (music review, music as art/therapy/healing/equality)

“Ceremonial Entrances in Rio” (Olympics, parade of nations, humor)

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Jose Altuve, Dallas Keuchel and Astros Photography

We went to Oakland and had some rare field-level seats to see the Astros face the A’s. Here are four pictures, slightly edited for effect. Altuve’s first three at-bats: single, double, triple. And he went first to third on Correa’s infield single. Will Jose Altuve become the shortest MVP in baseball history this year?


“Altuve at the Bat” (Jonah Hall)




“Middle Infield.” (Jonah Hall)




“Warming Up” (Jonah Hall)




“Keuchel Delivers” (Jonah Hall)

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Michael Kiwanuka “Love and Hate”


New Musical Express (NME) review:

In 2012, Michael Kiwanuka left Frank Ocean and Skrillex in his wake to win the BBC’s ‘Sound Of’ poll. But since then, the north Londoner has been somewhat less prominent than some of the poll’s other champs. While Adele, Ellie Goulding and Sam Smith have gone on to be bigger than the Brexit backlash, Kiwanuka has avoided becoming a household name. ‘Love & Hate’ could change all that. Four years since the pleasant Bill Withers-balladeering of his debut ‘Home Again’, Kiwanuka has brought in the production heft of Danger Mouse, as well as up-and-comer Inflo, to seriously up the ante. This is an album that’s not d**king around.

Opener ‘Cold Little Heart’ is a stonking 10 minutes long – a good five minutes of heroic ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ soloing, the angelic trilling of a butter-soft choir and a sweeping string section before Kiwanuka’s astonishingly self-possessed vocal strides into the mix. “Bleeding, I’m bleeding… I can’t stand myself,” he croons, as he picks through the tatters of a relationship.

It’s not just the soppy stuff that Kiwanuka confronts head on. On ‘Black Man In A White World’ he brings up questions surrounding racial identity – Kiwanuka is of Ugandan descent – over a funk-inflected Marvin Gaye throwdown. Spirituality is on the table too, with the dreamy ‘Father’s Child’ opening up about his relationship with religion over violins that bring to mind Minnie Riperton’s soul classic ‘Les Fleurs’. The iconic 1970 track is a cornerstone of the album, gracefully grounding a number of songs here, the warm shuffle of ‘Place I Belong’ included.

“The confessional aspect is cathartic for me,” explains Kiwanuka about his need to splurge his feelings in the studio. “A lot of this album was grappling with the insecurities that I’d learned. The first album was grappling with faith. Here, I’m not so worried about that – I’ve accepted that it comes and goes, and now I’m left with myself.” We’ll take it.

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