Rondo Links

Flannery provides a great compendium of Rondo-related moments here:

From Jackie MacMullan’s recent Rondo feature on ESPN Boston:

During Boston’s preseason trip to Turkey, Rondo’s room served as the hub of the team’s social activities.

“I packed the snacks,” he said proudly. “Teddy Grahams, Rice Krispie treats, Capri Suns.”

Told it sounded like a stash for a bunch of 10-year-olds, Rondo protested, “Hey, the food wasn’t great there. So late at night when they got hungry, they’d come knocking on my door, ‘Whatcha got Rondo?'”

“KG always told me what separates the great ones is that there’s a certain edge you have to maintain,” Rondo said. “I’m very critical of myself. I want the best for myself. My standards are very, very high, for me and my teammates.”

“It’s time for people to recognize how much Rondo means, not only to this great franchise, but to this great sports town,” Dooling said. “It’s time they got to know the Rajon Rondo we’ve all been embracing for some time now.”

Rondo fervently believes he is the best point guard in the league, a declaration he has made on numerous occasions, usually with mixed results. On the Celtics’ media day, when asked about his standing yet again, he grinned, then answered, “Well, of course, I’m biased.”

The veil has been lifted. The little brother has grown up.

This is Rajon Rondo’s team, and he has got the Capri Suns to prove it.

Jackie MacMullan, keeping us informed. Hope she is able to stay patient with Rondo this year, as we all must if we are to fully embrace him and what he brings to the C’s.


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