Fortune Cookie Wisdom, NBA-style

Taking wisdom wherever I can find it, here are a few selections from the uneaten fortune cookie pile:

Fortune Cookie Wisdom, NBA-style

1. You will take a pleasant journey to a place far away. (Celtics trip to Turkey and Italy during the preseason).

2. You will be rewarded for your patience and understanding. (Warriors fans for continuing to be Warriors fans).

3. There is a prospect of a thrilling time ahead for you. (Damion Lillard, in the perfect position for a rookie, low expectations, plenty of offensive freedom and loyal fans who will fall in love with him after a few games).

4. You will be successful through innovation and determination. (The Heat on choosing to play an eight-man rotation without any legitimate centers or power forwards except for Chris Bosh).

5. You are kind-hearted, hospitable, cheerful and well-liked. (Kevin Durant on his love for James Harden despite the Thunder’s recent trade that came after Harden refused to sign a four-year extension).

6. You have a reputation for being straight-forward and honest. (Kevin Garnett, on explaining that he lost Ray Allen’s phone number).

7. You are broad minded and socially active. (Sergio Romo–had to include him even though it’s the wrong sport–on using the Giants World Series Parade as a prime opportunity to let the world know that “He Just Looks Illegal.”)

8. You will win success in whatever you adopt. (Randy Wittman, who gets a chance to coach the Wizards this year, his first head coaching position since 2008. Of course, for the Wizards success means winning 32 games. Wittman has had the unenviable task of coaching the pre-LeBron Cavs, the post-Garnett Wolves and the post-Flip-Saunders Wizards last year, for a career .331 winning percentage which really wasn’t due to his coaching abilities at all).

9. Whether you choose love or fame, you’ll be able to handle either or both. (Anthony Uni-brow Davis, on becoming the last true rookie center who makes a meaningful impact the NBA will ever see. Refer to this year’s Miami Heat for the future of the NBA.)

10. Use your charm and personality to obtain your wishes. (Rajon Rondo, on his newly discovered charismatic persona, a dramatic change from the aloof and stubborn genius persona he had formerly developed).

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