Sighs of Relief

The Darko Index is sighing with relief.

Despite Nate Silver’s 538 blog and it’s calming reassurance that everything would turn out okay,
we were half-wondering how Ohio and Florida might get stolen or lost in the shuffle. We were
also half-wondering if Romney was ever going to come out from behind the curtain and except
defeat. Karl Rove must have called and popped Romney’s delusional bubble, telling him,
“There’s nothing we can do now. You must surrender.” As much as a victory, doesn’t it feel
like we avoided collective disaster? Katrina got us. Sandy got us. But we slipped through
his Mitts.

We are also sighing with relief because the Boston Celtics managed to win a second game last night, over the never-say-die Washington Wizards. An overtime win at home against the Wizards is not exactly cause for Courvoisie-pouring, but a W is a W and not an L (or a T).

Garnett and Rondo made it happen while Pierce shot 2 of 12. Terry’s 16 off the bench gave them a
necessary lift. Working with Rondo, Brandon Bass’ overtime flurry got them the win. Not holding
an 11-point lead in the 4th quarter: not exactly reassuring.

Wilcox played four very productive minutes, registering 6 points (4-5 from the line), 2 rebounds,
and a block, for a +/- of +8. Looks like Darko won’t be taking back those precious minutes
anytime soon.

Two wins and two losses. Next up, a string of solid opponent, two of which will be fighting for
playoff positioning with the Celtics in April. Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Utah will
be bigger challenges.

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