The Ugly Truth: a description of Pierce in isolation by Jack McCallum,

You do know what he’s not going to do. While he might slay you with a jump shot or a junk shot, it probably won’t be a dunk shot. He’s not a high-wire act, nor does he get runaway-freight-train end-to-ends like LeBron. His career highlight reel has been shot at ground level, which is another reason to admire him. The most commonly conjured-up Pierce moments are the pull-up three-pointer and the deadly dagger from the elbow, but I prefer to cite those unpredictable isolations when he jukes and jitterbugs with the ball, the aftermath sometimes resembling the scene at a minor traffic accident, bodies strewn here and there, a what-the-hell-just-happened? look on the faces of the bystanders. True, he has a step-back and the deadly fallaway, but so much of his repertoire of junk—stutter, hesitation, lean-in—is designed to draw contact, and over his career he has shot an average of 7.4 free throws per game, which compares favorably to the leaders (James, Wade and Bryant) in that department. Coaches love players who get to the line.

I love this.  Anyone who has watched Paul closely over the last decade knows he is the master of ugly isolation basketball.

From May 12, 2012 Sports Illustrated

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