Jeff Green Interview from ESPN Boston

Take a few minutes and watch this video of Jeff Green describing the process of being diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm, undergoing heart surgery, rehabbing, and finally, getting back on the court.  The ups and downs Green has had this season are much more understandable when you consider what he’s been through over the last year and a half.  Too often, we ignore the human element within sports.  Fans that have been quick to criticize Green, in part due to the huge contract extension (4 years, 36 million), are forgetting the reality of the situation.  A six-hour heart surgery that may have saved Green’s life has left a scar that starts at the top of his chest and continues down to the bottom of his rib cage.  Open-heart surgery is unfathomable to me.  This interview sheds some light on the situation.  Wish it was done in October rather than now, as Green has been given heaps of criticism in the last two months.

It was great sign to see both Green and Sullinger play so well against the Nets on Tuesday.  The Clippers, winners of 14 straight, will provide a much tougher test tonight.

ESPN Boston’s Jeff Green interview.

A heart-felt letter of apology from Celtics fan Nick Sannicandro on Red’s Army.



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