Ugh. Sigh. Bleh.

One day after preaching patience, I am battling my inner Celtics child.  Losing to Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson and the rest of the infant Cavaliers last night in Cleveland is maddening, as it was a game that any Celtics fan wants to guarantee themselves should be a win.  No analysis today.  No attempts at silver linings today.  Do I believe this team still has a shot to win the Atlantic Division?  Yes, but that percentage is dropping.  Prior to the four-game losing streak, I would have said they have a 50/50 shot.  Today, I’d say that percentage is down to 30%.  It’s getting harder to believe that Pierce is just going through a slump.  That Terry will become a useful scorer off the bench.  And that Brandon Bass will regain consciousness.  The rumors certainly aren’t helping anyone.

Well, Danny, the spotlight shines on you until things correct themselves.  The upcoming three-game stretch with New York, Atlanta, and Miami will turn the volume up to blistering levels if they don’t win two of those three.

What have we learned in the last week: tired old legs do not play well in the second half.  Someone needs to find the refresh button on Paul Pierce.



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