KG, the Truth, and Jordan….Crawford, that is.

Well, we kept our old sages, held onto the best young point guard in the NBA, and added a Jordan.

Jordan Crawford, though unrelated to Jamal, has the same shoot-first game that will bring a much needed boost to the recently decimated second-unit.  Crawford averaged 14.7 ppg, 3.0 ast, and 2.6 reb in 27 minutes last season.  This year, with the return of John Wall and the development of Bradley Beal, Crawford became expendable.  Never known for efficiency, Crawford fits into the “irrational confidence” guy mode.  A shooter who will keep shooting without hesitation.  The Celtics gave up the injured Leandro Barbosa in return.  Later reports show that Ainge included Jason Collins in the deal!  Addition by subtraction.  Ainge was tired of letting Doc play Collins for 10 vomit-inducing minutes each night instead of Chris Wilcox, so he traded him away. Well done, Danny.

Hollinger’s scouting report sums Jordan Crawford up well,

+ Shoot-happy guard who takes terrible shots. Capable passer when mood strikes.
+ Very quick and has a good handle. Can finish, but poor long-range shooter.
+ Abysmal defender. Undersized for 2. Must add strength and dial up effort.”

Not to get over-excited with Jordan Crawford–there is a reason he was just traded for a bag of injured chips–but he will give the Celtics a lift in specific match-ups and on those busy stretches (4th game in 5 nights).  If Rivers can convince him to take two dribbles inside the three-point line before shooting, he’ll be that much more useful.

Remember Von Wafer?  Jordan Crawford is a younger, slightly better, Von Wafer.  Let’s hope he’s tasty.

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