Basketball Booklist: Books on the “To Read” List

I love reading almost as much as I love writing.  I have an constantly-growing list of books that I am planning to read that are non-sports related, but the list of basketball-related books has been growing as well. Here is a list of basketball books that I hope that I’ve read at some point in the next five years.

Basketball books on the “To Read” list:

King of the Court: Bill Russell and the Basketball Revolution by Aram Goudsouzian

When the Game was Ours by Lary Bird, Magic Johnson and Jackie MacMullan

Forty-Million-Dollar Slaves by William C. Rhoden Redemption/dp/0307353141/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1362093958&sr=1-1&keywords=forty+million+dollar+slaves

After Artest: The NBA and the Assault on Blackness by David J. Leonard

FreeDarko’s Ultimate Basketball Book by Bethlehem Shoals and the FreeDarko Collective

Pacific Rims: Beermen Ballin’ in Flip-Flops and the Philippines’ Unlikely Love Affair with Basketball by Rafe Bartholomew

The Breaks of the Game by David Halberstam



If anyone has read any of the above and wants to comment on them, please do so below or email me at



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