Reasons to Keep Writing, Reasons to Post Less

Reasons to keep writing The Darko Index:

  1. Follow through – it’s important in shooting a basketball and it’s important in all creative endeavors.  The blog has grown and now feels like something I should sustain beyond this year.  I have committed myself to writing it through June.  After the Finals and the NBA draft, I will post less frequently.  Until then, I need to show myself I can finish at the rim.
  2. Sharing the Passion – the NBA playoffs are my favorite time of the year.  If there is ever a time to spread the NBA love and to keep the blog active, it’s the playoffs.
  3. Predictions – Making predictions and following the results is an addiction of mine.  It seems like a relatively safe addiction to indulge, so why not?

Reasons to post less frequently on The Darko Index:

  1. Studying for the Social Studies CSET on May 4th – passing this test will make me eligible to teach high school history as well English and ESL, which would theoretically give me a better chance to land a full-time high school teaching position in the fall.
  2. Editing the collection of personal essays, reflections and poems – While I love writing about the NBA and thinking about why playing sports and following sports teams matters in the grand scheme, I have other writing interests that demand some attention.
  3. Spending more time with the ladybug and our fur creature.
On the way from San Francisco to Vancouver, we found snow near Mount St. Helens.

On the way from San Francisco to Vancouver, we found snow near Mount St. Helens.

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