The Other Streaks

DJ Gallo, writing for ESPN’s Playbook blog, recently had a column about the various streaks that are currently taking place around the sports world.  It’s worth re-posting the opening:

At any one moment, the sports world is full of amazing accomplishments. Streaks, records, buzzer-beaters. It’s part of what makes being a sports fan so much fun. But why appreciate each accomplishment for its own unique greatness when we can debate and rank the joy out of everything? With that in mind, here are the rankings of the 25 greatest current streaks in sports. Note: These rankings are indisputable, so please don’t even attempt to argue.

25. Consecutive wins (15) by the Miami Heat

24. Consecutive games (23) with a point by the Chicago Blackhawks

23. Consecutive spring training exhibition game wins (10) by the Kansas City Royals

22. Consecutive weeks the No. 1 ranked men’s college basketball team was overrated

21. Consecutive plays in which a wide receiver was positive there was defensive pass interference

20. Consecutive plays in which a defensive back was positive he did not commit defensive pass interference

19. Consecutive tennis tournaments won by the same guys who win all the tennis tournaments

18. Consecutive soft goals allowed by your team’s goalie

17. Consecutive holes of televised golf in which someone in the gallery yelled something stupid and annoying after a tee shot

Here are all 25:

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