NBA Playoff Lineup: Thursday, May 2 and Friday, May 3

Thursday night’s playoff schedule:

Brooklyn @ Chicago, Game 6 (Chi leads 3-2), 8pm EST, TNT

Chicago will be without Kirk Hinrich, who teamed up with the inimitable Nate Robinson to dominate the 3OT thriller in Game 4.  Hinrich’s 18 points, and 14 assists will be greatly missed.  The Bulls simply cannot get a break this year.  Will the United Center and their stifling defense be enough to suffocate the Nets?

Denver @ Golden State, Game 6 (GS leads 3-2), 1030pm EST, TNT

Expect the unexpected.  Hope that Curry gets a cortisone shot, and that Bogut can dominate underneath.  The Roar-acle will be rocking.  Surprised I haven’t heard that term used before.  After all, it is supposedly a deafening experience.  Ear-plugs at the gate?

Friday night’s 4-game Playoff Bonanza of Game 6′s

New York @ Boston, Game 6 (NY leads 3-2), 7pm EST, ESPN

*Get ready for a deafening Boston Garden and a very tight New York Knicks team.

Indiana @ Atlanta, Game 6 (Ind leads 3-2), 7pm EST, ESPN2

*First game of series not on NBA TV, which means Paul George finally has a chance to be seen. Pacers should end the Josh-Smith-era in Atlanta on Friday.

Oklahoma City @ Houston, Game 6 (OKC leads 3-2), 1030pm EST, ESPN

This series is filled with plot twists.  Harden with the flu?  How about 7 straight 3′s?  Beverley, Beverley, Beverley, hack-Asik won’t work!  Houston and Golden State are incredibly fun to watch, and simply love playing together.  The optimism of youth!

Los Angeles Clippers @ Memphis, Game 6 (Mem leads 3-2), 1030pm EST, ESPN2

There is nothing fun to watch about this series.  It’s Greco-Roman and ugly, and filled with impossible calls.  What is a foul when everything is a foul?  Still, as a fan of Chris Paul, and as a lover of great defense, this one should be equally exciting.  Blake Griffin sprained his ankle by landing on Lamar Odom’s foot in practice, during a half-speed drill.  And that could be the end of the Clippers hopes.  This year is insanely injurious.

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