The State of Golden: Warriors Aficionado David Barnes on the Team’s Evolution

The evolution of this team continues to amaze and amuse me and I’m starting to believe that what I just assumed was my usual bright streak of sunshine regarding The Dubs actually carries some significant truth. A back-court that is balanced in both size and skill, a front-court that–while dependent on health–has both a dominant big man and a small forward who very well might be the most athletic of an athletic bunch, and the depth to withstand the rigors of an almost 100 game season (including playoffs). The talent is one thing but this is also a team that is quickly evolving in the mental game – call it a quiet swagger.
So what, my fellow Warrior fans and friends, is the ceiling for this team? Festus Ezili is 20 or just past and his development since the season began has been seismic. I even enjoyed his reaction that got him the ‘T’. The man cares! As soon as he had his hopping frustration moment, he started back down the court. There cannot be enough words of praise for the dynamic rookie Draymond Green.  Jarrett Jack has delivered some of the worst but also some of the best of the season’s moments, and his fourth-quarter penetration is critical.  All of the sudden, David Lee is dispensable.  I’m sorry, I just can’t imagine why there are many people so eager to trash the guy.  Yes, I know their reasons but a little grace, even in sports, is sometimes good for the soul.
So how about the rest of you? Thoughts or premonitions? And how about the fact that they (NBA) waits until the post-season to give out the regular season awards and Jackson and Myers both finish seventh to the firsts of Denver’s Karl and Ujiri and when did the NBA embrace irony?
David Barnes has been a Warriors aficionado for long enough to appreciate how sweet the 2012-13 season has been.
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