Avery Bradley Makes His First All-Defensive Team

Congratulations to Avery Bradley of the Boston Celtics, on his first All-Defensive Team selection. We’ve known it for two years now, but it’s great to see that the NBA recognizes Bradley’s incredible on-the-ball defense. Bradley received 10 first-team votes, which was fifth among all NBA players.  Tony Allen received the highest number of total points, with 53, courtesy of 25 first-place votes, and 3 second-place votes. No Larry Sanders love on this list.  He should have been given a few second team votes at power forward, though he was forced to play center for much of the year.


2012-13 NBA All-Defensive Teams Voting
Pos Player 1st 2nd Pts
2012-13 NBA All-Defensive First Team
F LeBron James 25 2 52
F Serge Ibaka 17 12 46
C Tyson Chandler 9 6 24
C Joakim Noah 8 8 24
G Tony Allen 25 3 53
G Chris Paul 15 7 37
2012-13 NBA All-Defensive Second Team
F Tim Duncan 3 14 20
F Paul George 7 13 27
C Marc Gasol 5 2 12
G Avery Bradley 10 5 25
G Mike Conley 4 11 19


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