And Ode to Game 6: Preparing to Roar at Oracle

The lungs, they are ready…despite all that phlegm.

The voices will shout….encourage young men.

The year has been long…and short just the same.

My Celtics are gone…yet my Warriors remain.


No Truth, No Big Ticket…

That Era may end.

A Human Torch (Curry) and The Kindling (Thompson),

A shiver they’ll send.


The Spurs and their Pop, with Parker’s spinning drives.

The real gem they’ve discovered, a man named Kawhi (Ka-WHY).

The Big Fundamental and the old Euro-stepper,

Manu and Duncan: familiar as salt paired with pepper.


Mark Jackson may know the power of positive thinking,

But without Bogut and Jack, that ship will be sinking.

This time of year, its so fun and exhausting.

School ending is the cake; playoffs, the frosting.




Jonah Hall and his Ladybug will be roaring for a team other than the Boston Celtics tonight, from the balcony of Oracle Arena, in Oakland, California.  The anticipation is strange.  The Warriors will never replace the Celtics in their hearts.  Yet, the heart has room for two basketball teams now.  

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