Indiana-Miami Game 4, Post-Game Press Conferences: Frank Vogel, Erik Spoelstra, LeBron James and Roy Hibbert

If you’re interested in the 2013 Eastern Conference Finals, these press conferences are worth a look.

  • Watch Frank Vogel‘s face as the reporter begins to describe Lance Stephenson’s play in Game 4.

  • Erik Spoelstra, before his very long flight back to Miami, where the Heat face a legitimate challenge.

  • Roy Hibbert, Shaq’s new favorite player (a legitimate 7-footer in the modern NBA!), on the Pacers’ belief in themselves.

  • LeBron James, deflects questions about Lance Stephenson’s defense on him, and Stephenson’s overall impact on the game.  You think maybe Lance Stephenson is no longer the secret weapon, but the most important ingredient other than Roy Hibbert? In what probably won’t be, but just might be, the biggest Conference Finals upset in the last twenty years, Lance Stephenson has become the biggest wild card in this series.

  • Hibbert and Stephenson: impact on LeBron, from TrueHoop:

Eastern Conference Finals, Game 5, Thursday, 830pm EST, (TNT)

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