Listen: Favorite Podcasts

This has nothing to do with the NBA, but here are some podcasts worth listening to.  A podcast is a talk-show on the internet, with limited commercial interruption.  Put these in your ear, if you don’t mind people talking.  Maybe go for a walk, exercise, or eat something.  Maybe sit in a cafe and drink coffee.  Maybe exercise in a cafe or walk while eating something.  Maybe just sit at a desk and play Tetris.


1. Slate’s Hang Up and Listen: Slate’s sports podcast

audience: intelligent, educated sports fans who don’t raise their voice often.

length: 50-70 minutes

2. KCRW’s The Treatment with Elvis Mitchell

audience: people who enjoy film and television with a critical eye and a focus inspiration and the creative voice.

length: 30 minutes

3. WNYC’s Radiolab

audience: amateur and professional scientists, investigators and philosophers.  Often fascinating.

length: varies (short episodes are under 20 minutes, occasionally hour-long)

4. WTF with Marc Maron

audience: funny people, comedy-interested folks, and those interested in long-form, rambling conversations.

length: 70-90 minutes, interviews start around the 10-minute mark

5. KCRW’s Bookworm with Michael Silverblatt

audience: people who enjoy thought-provoking questions and the examined life.  You will learn to love the voice if you give it time.

length: 30 minutes

6. Fresh Air with Terry Gross (sometimes Dave Davies)

audience: people who enjoy a wildly varied assortment of actors, writers, directors, musicians, and all sorts of others.

length: 30 minutes

7.  The Moth Podcast

audience: people who enjoy stories of all kinds (human beings with attention spans and an awareness of humanity?)

length: 10-20 minutes

8. KEXP 90.3 Seattle, Live Performances

audience: indie-music lovers, hipsters, music explorers

length: 20-30 minutes

9. WNYC’s Soundcheck

audience: music-obsessed folks who enjoy the spectrum of sounds and sonic ideas

length: varies, 25-60 minutes

10. On the Media

audience: a critical look at the media and politics through a journalistic lens

length: 60 minutes

11. Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin

audience: people who enjoy the dulcet tones of the elder Baldwin and his serious dialogues with a wide array of artists and thinkers.

length: varies, 30-60 minutes

12. Beyond the Box Score

audience: Sabermetrically-inclined baseball fans who enjoy numbers and analysis, a complement to the site.

length: 25-45 minutes

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