The Value of the Celtics $10.3 Million Trade Exception

Gortat could be a useful addition.



In the trade with the Brooklyn Nets, there was one asset obtained that we didn’t get to meet at the press conference on Monday, and it is potentially the most important item we received. The Boston Celtics, in addition to Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace, Keith Bogans, and MarShon Brooks, received a $10.3 million trade exception.

Now unless you’re a trade enthusiast or really into the salary cap this is probably of little consequence, but don’t be surprised if it is at the center of a big time trade down the line.

Before we dive into the possible outcomes of having this trade exception, allow me to define what it really is. A trade exception is created when the salaries of a trade aren’t balanced so one team is sending out more salary than it’s getting back. In this case the Celtics were sending out more than they were getting back and…

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