Dante Exum, 2014 Lottery Pick

The 2013-14 NBA schedule was released last week.  In an upcoming season that promises to feel exceedingly long (like a 150-game season instead of the already-grueling 82) for Celtics fans, the most important dates on the 2014 calendar are May 20 (draft lottery) and  June 26, the date of the 2014 NBA draft.  Though June is ten months away, and fans will most certainly develop 2014 NBA Draft fatigue–probably sometime in January, when it is painfully obvious which teams are positioning themselves for the lottery–here is a name to remember that hasn’t been tossed into the future-star-ring: Dante Exum.

Exum is an Australian-born wing-man (6’6″ with a 6’9″ wing-span) whose buzz has been growing since the Nike Hoops Summit this past April.  He’s already listed as the #3 prospect in 2014 on draftexpress’ early mock draft.

With the first name Dante and possessing incredible first-step and lateral quickness, only one potential nickname seems apropos: The Inferno.  From this point on, he will be The Inferno.  Wiggy and the Inferno might be a name to headline the main event next June.

Here’s draftexpress’ profile and interview of Dante Exum:


Here’s Grantland’s coverage of Exum:



In the event the Celtics don’t win the Wiggins Ping-Pong Party (aka draft lottery in May), The Inferno would make a nice consolation prize.


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