Celebrate, on Splice Today

Good news: I have an essay up on the Splice Today.

Here’s the opening:

On the heels of a treacherous drive south through slush-covered vision and slippery wheels. On the heels of a flight to catch, an early morning wake-up call. On the heels of a sleepless night, on the heels of something close to a perfect day. Which starts with a Celebration.

Celebrating sleeping in, celebrating getting coffee, celebrating the crunch of a freshly toasted bagel. Celebrating spontaneous birthday shopping, celebrating the birthday song, a slowed-down and sexy-silly version, and cupcakes.

Celebrating wrapping and unwrapping. Celebrating looks of pleasant surprise upon a beautiful and serene face. Celebrating the pre-dinner dress up. Celebrating the harmless drive to dinner on the sullied-snow-piled streets of Cambridge. Celebrating the town/city divide in the near-urban landscape.

Celebrating the waiting inside the entryway of the restaurant. Celebrating the hosts eating their pre-shift meal. Celebrating the wondering why they’d unlocked the door and had us stand and wait. Celebrating because it’s fucking cold outside. Celebrating the people who show up after us, who are told the same thing, “We actually open at 5:30, but you can wait inside here.” Celebrating avoiding the long-walk, the avoiding-the-long-finding-a-parking-spot, the short blast of frigid wind, the obstacle course of a slush-filled sidewalk and the piles of leftover snow bank, collecting interest.

Celebrating the awards on the wall, near the host’s stand. Celebrating sitting down and taking in of atmosphere, of setting for this meal of celebration. Celebrating the menu and the giddiness and the palette, teased. Celebrating the greeting of the waiter, the wine or beer, yes we’ll end up with two unfamiliar beers please, and then celebrating with the five courses, the anniversary tasting menus, celebrating the restaurant’s celebration of 10 years, and the birthday celebration of 31 years of life.

Read the entire piece at Splice Today. http://www.splicetoday.com/writing/celebrate-a-winter-evening-in-boston-2011


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