The Year is Ending…And Now The Internet Must Wrap It All Up in a Bow

One nauseating and tiresome thing about the internet: when the year ends, everywhere you click, you find a year-end wrap-up/list/something, in which you are told how to remember the news of the year, the books of the year, the music of the year, the movies of the year, the year in sports, the year in fill-in-the-blank. The Best Shit of 2013. The Craziest Shit of 2013.

Here’s my year-end list.

The year ended.  Lots of things happened.  There will be many more years where many more things happen. In case you were in a coma for most of 2013, and you aren’t aware that the internet has all of those stories archived for your perusal, we will summarize all of the things that were important for you to know happened, even though they were talked about ad nauseam while they were happening, or…in the case of Omer Asik, long before they happened.  The need to document has been well documented.  The need to over-analyze has been over-analyzed.  Let’s just un-plug and enjoy the end of the year.  Maybe actually spend a few days actually reflecting on your life or enjoying yourself, rather than documenting what has already been documented, and endlessly ranking things according to mostly arbitrary ideas.  Internet, you do not understand how to behave yourself sometimes.  We do not need your red ribbon and your gift of year-end everything lists.  We know what happened.  We were right here.

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