NBA Haikus: Western Conference


Oklahoma City Thunder (43-12)

Determined Durant mission
Will Westbrook find his new role?
Jeremy Lamb shoots

San Antonio Spurs (38-15)

“One more run!” says Pop
“One more run!” shouts Tim
“Only one?” thinks Tony P

Houston Rockets (36-17)

It’s all about the match-ups
If defense wins championships
The Rockets can’t win

Los Angeles Clippers (37-18)

Blake deserves some love
First round will be punishing
It might happen now

Portland Trail Blazers (36-17)

Nic Batum knows D
Lillard and Aldridge: scorching
Will it be enough?

Dallas Mavericks (32-22)

Likely first round bounce
Unless something strange happens
At least they had fun

Phoenix Suns (30-21)

Dragic slides between
Threes for Frye, Morris and Green
Fans holding their breath

Golden State Warriors (31-22)

Steph Curry delights
The Dubs show brilliant flashes
Was last year legit?

Memphis Grizzlies (29-23)

Gasol’s knee gets banged
Frustration begins to mount
Tony Allen grinds

Minnesota Timberwolves (25-28)

Final quarter cringe
Rubio throws bricks
Love is all we have

Denver Nuggets (24-27)

Full speed ahead, Ty
Until the rib is fractured
Season of ill health

New Orleans (23-29)

Anthony Davis
Uni-brow will dominate
Silver: move to East

Utah Jazz (19-33)

1-14 start
Burke returns, go .500
Hurt lottery hopes

Los Angeles Lakers (18-35)

What a stinky mess
Signing Kobe forever
Clippers take LA

Sacramento Kings (18-35)

Cousins has a chance
To alter his career path
If he listens well

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