NBA Universe Shocked By Two Minor Trade Deadline Moves

The NBA universe has been shocked by the massive trading frenzy that has changed the direction of so many teams within the last twenty-four hours.

First, the Golden State Warriors acquired point guard Steve Blake from the Los Angeles Lakers, sending all of California into a surreal tailspin. The Pacific Division ramifications were simply astounding. The Warriors hope Blake will provide 15-20 minutes per game of solid bench play and help facilitate on their lackluster second unit. This will allow the enigmatic Jordan Crawford to play off the ball. In return the Lakers received NBA legends Kent Bazemore and MarShon Brooks. Bazemore has long been the centerpiece of this Warriors unit, in terms of bench cheering. Coach Mark Jackson will have to turn to the much more reserved Nemanja Nedovic, the young Slavic reserve, to pick up the slack in towel waving and chest-bumping situations. MarShon Brooks continues his nomadic NBA journey, bouncing from Brooklyn to Boston to Oakland to Los Angeles in the span of the last eight months.

In another head-spinning move, the Brooklyn Nets traded for Sacramento guard Marcus Thornton. Needing more offensive artillery, the Nets acquired the shot-happy Thornton for the nearly retired Jason Terry, whose stock has been plummeting ever since he left the cozy confines of Dallas, and Reggie Evans, the one-man rebound machine who has never been comfortable when his team has the ball. Terry never found anything close to a groove in Boston, and his salary was lumped in with KG and Pierce when the Celtics hit reset over the summer. Thornton has put up solid scoring numbers on many awful Sacramento teams. His low-efficiency, high-volume game lacks a consistent three-point shot, but his slashing may help Brooklyn survive some of those lulls that occur when the old-age Nets hit those mid-game bumps.

Another possible move – these rumors just won’t stop! – Milwaukee’s mighty Gary Neal may be headed to the mediocre Charlotte Bobcats in the hopes of adding some long-range shooting to a somewhat dysfunctional offense.


These two massive trade deadline shockers will be sure to have Simmons in a three-hour long trade deadline special BS Report. Interestingly, Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose haven’t said a word about their October declaration that a Rajon Rondo trade was a foregone conclusion. From, on October 8:

Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose of the Grantland Network do not want to hear that, though. They say Rondo is long gone almost as soon as other teams see that he can still walk. “Clairvoyant Bill thinks Rajon Rondo has 20 games or less left as a Boston Celtic,” Simmons tells Rose in their Celtics preview video. “This is why we give the people what they want,” Rose replies, later adding that “he will be traded.” “What you just described is the worst-kept secret in the NBA,” Rose goes on. “Once you trade Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, the year before [you lose] Ray Allen, you lose Doc Rivers, the next obvious domino is Rajon Rondo.”

Perhaps the worst-kept secret in the NBA is that Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose prefer stirring things up instead of taking any level-headed approach. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that the Celtics seek to trade Rondo before this year’s draft, but to call a possible Rondo trade “the worst-kept secret in the NBA,” assumed that it was a foregone conclusion.

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