Trevor Ariza and the Corner Three

At the end of the first quarter in Philadelphia tonight, Trevor Ariza had scored 24 points on 6 of 6 from deep. That’s 24 points in 12 minutes.

Ariza’s season-high this year: 32 points, including 10 of 14 from distance against Houston on February 12th.

Trevor Ariza’s year-by-year three-point percentages, starting in 2008, when he began to get regular minutes:

08-09: 31.9%

09-10: 33.4%

10-11: 30.3%

11-12: 33.3%

12-13: 36.4%

13-14: 41.3%

One difference this year, Ariza is benefitting from John Wall’s ability to speed up the court and find him open in the corner, the easiest three-point shot in the game.

This year, Ariza from the corner-three: 59 of 135, (43.7%), compared with Ariza’s above-the-break three (still solid): 68 of 171 (39.8%)

Among all NBA players this year, Ariza is leading the NBA in corner threes made, with 59.

Corner Three Leaders (by Percentage, min 60 attempts): Aaron Afflalo 55.1%, Paul George 54.5%, Mario Chalmers 53.8%, Kyle Korver 52.4%, Jose Calderon 50.0%, Kyle Singler 48.2%, Richard Jefferson 47.8%, Patty Mills 45.5%, Martell Webster 45.0%, Norris Cole  44.6%, Anthony Tolliver 43.9%, Joe Johnson 43.8%, Trevor Ariza 43.7%.



At halftime tonight, Trevor Ariza has 29 points.

The Philadelphia 76ers: Thaddeus Young, Michael Carter-Williams and place-holding NBA players.

Sixers GM Sam Hinkie: Testing the limits of what the NBA universe will tolerate.

Wizards PG John Wall: Faster than a speeding bullet (…wizard?)

Trevor Ariza says: “Thank You, John. Thank you, Sam. I’ll just be over here in the corner.”

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