DJ Gallo’s Compendium of Brett Brown Quotes From Philly’s Epic Losing Streak

DJ Gallo, sports satirist and creator of the webite Sports Picklehas done it again. Here are the first eight of the increasingly depressing quotes that Sixers coach Brett Brown has given throughout Philadelphia’s historic 26 game losing streak. The Sixers go the record-setting 27th tonight in Tankadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Depressing Sixers’ Postgame Quotes from After Every Game of Their Historic Losing Streak

Loss #1: January 31st, 125-99 vs. Hawks

“It was the poorest performance of our season tonight. The effort wasn’t there.” – head coach Brett Brown

Loss #2: February 1st, 113-96 at Pistons

“It’s hard. No, it’s hard. I go back to where we started [in the beginning of the season]. We are trying to get these guys better. We are trying to develop. We want to play. We want to give them opportunities. There’s no time to hold your head. You are in the NBA.” – Brown

Loss #3: February 3, 108-102 at Nets

“Isn’t that amazing? You actually get to shoot and have a chance to score,” – Brown, on what happens when a basketball team doesn’t turn the ball over

Loss #4: February 5, 114-108 vs. Celtics

“It was kind of like the story of our year. We battled back, but it takes so much energy to get back in games.” – Spencer Hawes

Loss #5: February 7, 112-98 vs. Lakers

“It appears we play better on the road. Everybody wants to do better in our city, in front of our fans.” – Brown

Loss #6: February 9, 123-78 at Clippers

“We ran into a buzz saw and we got jumped early.” – Brown

Loss #7: February 10, 123-80 at Warriors

“It’s hard for everybody. The reality of it is they have put in so much time and despite all the turmoil, it’s a group that’s been together, stayed together. At times, you look up and you have to keep going and keep on playing with some level of dignity, and it’s hard doing that.” – Brown


Someone needs to make a giant poster out of the 26 quotes and send it to Sixers GM Sam Hinkie.

To read the rest of these wonderfully brutal quotes, click here:



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