Spilled Thoughts from Thursday’s Playoffs: OKC-Memphis and Golden State-Clippers

Status of the Western Conference Playoffs First Round Series – through Thursday night:

Spurs-Mavs (1-1)

Spurs outplayed by Mavs for 7 of 8 quarters. Duncan looked hobbled by knee issue in Game 2. Kawhi isn’t doing enough for San Antonio. Where are Danny Green and Patty Mills. Spurs reserves getting outplayed by Dallas bench. Spurs will respond in Game 3, and take control of series.

Rockets-Blazers (0-2)

LaMarcus Aldridge is taking a liking to Terrence Jones’ defense. And Omer Asik’s inability to step out to fifteen feet. And anyone else Kevin McHale tries to do to mess with LA’s flow. A double team is coming…which means open Portland three-pointers are coming. If Batum, Mathews, Wright and Lillard knock them down, Portland will be fine. Batum deserves tons of praise for his ability to blanket Harden. Feels like the Rockets will take one in Portland, but be down 3-1 heading back to Houston.

Clippers-Warriors (2-1)

The Warriors are a joy to watch. Stephen Curry’s clutch shooting makes me lose my shit. Draymond Green dives all over the place. I wish dives were listed in the box score. Green and Noah would be among the league leaders. Blake Griffin would not go for 30+ points in back-t0-back games if Bogut were healthy….but he is not….and Griffin will continue to torch the Warriors. Klay Thompson continues to do a great job on Chris Paul. Warriors will need something of a miracle to win three of the next four games.

Thunder-Grizzlies (1-2)

The Thunder and Grizzlies are merciless with each other. The Grizzlies defense makes Kevin Durant look human. I miss January Kevin Durant. The Thunder aren’t getting much out of the supposed third banana, Serge Ibaka. I’m still not sure how Mike Conley’s end of regulation lay-up rolled out. Tony Allen’s defense continues to mesmerize. Westbrook’s big shots sent the game to overtime. Wish these teams could play 9 games instead of the inevitable 6 or 7.


There isn’t much to say tonight about the East. The Pacers-Hawks series is pure tragedy. Slow-motion car-wreck. Jeff Teague and Paul Millsapp deserve some praise. DeMarre Carroll merits some unheralded love. Mike Budenholzer deserves some admiration. But the whole thing is just ugly. Ugly.

Still…I love the playoffs.

Hooray for the NBA.

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