Sleepy Sundays and Understanding Complicated PDFs

I am looking over at my bed. I am sitting on the floor, legs crossed, reading a 120-page document on a laptop. The document is a self-study report from Huntington Beach’s Adult School. The purpose of the report is to analyze everything about the school. From the programs offered to the population served. Determining the effectiveness of each program. It is not a riveting piece of literature.

My dog is asleep, head hanging over the edge of the bed. My wife is asleep next to the dog. I am trying to focus on the document in order to make sense of it and, eventually write a chapter on curriculum for the school that I’m affiliated with. I am trying not to check on my fantasy baseball team. I am trying not to think about the playoff basketball game I will watch later. I am trying to read and take notes. I am writing this instead.

What is it about lengthy PDFs that I have difficulty with?

Is it the lack of a tangible object? The lack of pages to flip over or to write on?

Is it the access to the internet on the same device that I’m trying to read?

Is it the fact that these documents are inherently complicated and lack entertainment value?

Is it all of the above?


All is quiet here, in this apartment.

The boy practicing his saxophone has mercifully stopped.

We will be in this apartment for a few more weeks at least.

We moved here in January, 2006.

Moving will be complicated.

We may have a house of our own soon.

Having a house will be complicated.

One step at a time.

Back to the document.

More work to do for now.

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