Fictional Conversation: Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan

This fictional conversation took place on Monday morning, May 19th, 2014, in San Antonio, Texas.


GP: (sipping from a mug) Morning, Timmy.

TD: (Timmy walks in to the locker room, nods) Pop.

GP: I’m feeling great, Timmy. No sir, no Serge. We’re going to have a feast inside.

TD: (Duncan puts his bag down, takes out his sneakers) Quick shootaround this morning, Pop?

GP: Oh yeah, mostly X’s and O’s. Some laughs. I have a slideshow for all of you…

TD: Slideshow, huh? More old pictures of Eastern Europe from the spy days?

GP: (chuckling) Nope, no spy pics. They involve Boris.

TD: (takes off his sandals, puts on his long tube socks) Right. Okay. (shouting) BORIS???

GP: (leans in) He’s not here yet. It’s mostly good…don’t ruin it.

TD: What do you think of this Steven Adams guy? I was watching Game 6 of that series…guy can bang.

GP: He’s the YOUNGEST of 18 Kiwis! Are you f**king kidding me?!  Of COURSE he can BANG. (changes tone of voice) Can he stay on the court, though?

TD: Gotta get some early fouls on him. Shouldn’t be a problem here, but might be in OKC.

GP: Tiago will get a handle on that young fella. You know, they’re kinda similar…him and Tiago.

TD: I can see that. Both set mean screens.

GP: Presti was smart with that one. We’re just lucky he’s not older. He’ll stay on the court and make things miserable in a few years.

TD: (looking up) Yeah, but we’ll be gone by then…

GP: (taps Duncan on the shoulder) Yeah…

TD: Yeah…

GP: Yeah…

TD: Well…

GP: Let’s just win today and worry about all that stuff later…

TD: Yeah. Can’t wait for Kawhi to bust out in this series…

GP: Ka-WHYYYYYY! My man! (Popovich leaves the locker room, whistling…)


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