Celtics Journal: Game 14 of 82, Sun 11/30, Spurs @ Celtics (STEAMROLLED)

Game 14 of 82 (17.1%), Sunday, November 30, 1030am PST

Spurs @ Celtics


The Spurs were the Steamroller. The Celtics were the Steamrolled. 

Sunday morning basketball. On the east coast, it was merely an afternoon game. A matinee. On the west coast, this is 1030am. Morning basketball. The Spurs are from San Antonio, a town in Texas. The Spurs won the NBA championship last year. They have one of my favorite players in the game: Kawhi Leonard. Kawhi would be so lovely on the Celtics. Boston would immediately go from being a disastrous defensive team to a mediocre-to-decent defensive team if they had Kawhi. Kawhi has really long arms and hands that would make for an even shake with our man Rajon Rondo. Kawhi is fun to watch. Especially when he is shutting down LeBron or Kobe. It’s kind of shocking that the Spurs haven’t extended Kawhi’s contract yet. They will eventually. I think they wanted him to remain hungry for this, the final year of Timmy and Pop. I think they wanted to wait and see. Kawhi is awesome. Hooray for Kawhi. If anyone mispronounces his name and says KAH-wee instead of ka-WHY, please correct them. Kawhi should be a household word. In 30 minutes of action, Kawhi’s team beat the Celtics by 21 points.

In the third quarter, Kawhi’s team scored 33 points. The Celtics scored 24. In the fourth quarter, Kawhi’s team scored 33 points. The Celtics score 16. To make things a bit more tragic, the Celtics played pretty well for about 38 minutes out of the 48. Maybe the Spurs, who were starting a road trip with a matinee game in a time zone that is one hour ahead of their time zone, were napping through the first half of this game.

If that were true, then the halftime score would have read: Celtics 49, Napping Spurs 45.

Fourth Quarter – Lost Quarter

In any event, the final quarter of this game were about as ugly as the season will get. Right up there with that Houston game early in the season where they shot 1 of 25 from beyond the arc. The Celtics don’t like the 4th quarter. GM Danny Ainge is currently on hold with Commissioner Adam Silver. He’s hoping to ask for an occasional 36-minute game that removes the 4th Quarter entirely. The Celtics are currently being outscored by 5.3 points per game, 28.4 to 23.1, in the 4th.

On the season, take a look at Boston’s scoring average by quarter compared with their opponents:

Boston (scoring by quarter):

  • 1st: 26.9
  • 2nd: 25.6
  • 3rd: 28.6
  • 4th: 23.1

Boston opponents (scoring by quarter):

  • 1st: 26.4
  • 2nd:24.9
  • 3rd: 27.9
  • 4th: 28.4

Scheduled Brutality

Boston has faced the 2nd-toughest schedule among Eastern Conference teams thus far. Only Charlotte has faced a more difficult slate as of December 1st. Conversely, the Celtics have the third-easiest schedule remaining. Only Philadelphia and Charlotte have softer schedules for the final 65+ games.

What does this mean? There is hope (especially in December). More on that later…

NBA’s Badass Division: the Southwest

Also as of December 1, the Southwest Division is Ridiculously Good. The five teams are a combined 25-7 vs. the Eastern Conference.

Southwest Division Standings

  1. Memphis 15-2
  2. Houston 13-4
  3. San Antonio 12-4
  4. Dallas 13-5
  5. New Orleans 7-8

Next time you think you have it rough as a Celtics fan, imagine being a New Orleans Pelicans fan. On the one hand, you have the most exciting young big man in the game (Anthony Davis). On the other, you get to face four of the NBA’s best teams a total of 16 times. Think New Orleans would like to be relocated to the East?

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