Celtics Journal: Game 21 of 82, Knicks @ Celtics (Malaise)

Game 21 of 82 (25.6%), Friday, December 12, 430 PST

Knicks @ Celtics


noun \mə-ˈlāz, ma-, –ˈlez\

medical : a slight or general feeling of not being healthy or happy

: a problem or condition that harms or weakens a group, society, etc.

Example: The Boston Celtics are suffering from a general malaise.

Avery Bradley has the flu. Jared Sullinger is playing like he has the flu. Marcus Smart has a strained Achilles. Now Marcus Thornton’s calf is acting up. Oh well. ‘Tis the season.

A loss to the New York Knicks. The now 5-21 Knicks. The Knicks, who had lost 10 straight games heading into this one. This officially qualifies as a disaster. When one clings to the hope of respectability, of 30-35 wins and some progress for these young Celtics, this kind of loss sits uncomfortably in the stomach. Uncomfortably enough to decide that I can’t write anything about it. Tyler Zeller had a solid first quarter. Jeff Green was on a mission to bring the Celtics back in the 4th. It wasn’t enough. The Celtics are not doing so well at the moment. They’re supposed to be able to beat at least two teams in the East: Philadelphia and New York. Apparently not. Malaise is an appropriate word for it.

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