Rondo Rumors Turn Into An Actual Rondo Trade (Sadness, Relief, Inevitability)

Rajon Rondo has actually been traded. What does this mean? There will be no more Rajon Rondo trade rumors. Hallelujah.

  • Celtics fans who love focusing on 2018 will be overjoyed to know that the 20th-25th pick in the 2015 draft is now theirs, via Dallas, as well as a 12.9 million trade exception that will allow them to take on big contracts before the February trade deadline for draft picks.
  • Celtics fans who love tanking will fully embrace the 9-14 Celtics trading away any hopes of winning three games in a row before 2016, which will result in 4th-9th overall pick for Boston in June 2015, unless the ping pong balls fall fortuitously.
  • Celtics fans who blindly follow the words of Bill Simmons and his Rondo-trade-obsession will pump their fists in relief.
  • Celtics fans have witnessed 29 Rajon Rondo rumors that turned into nothing over the last several years. No more rumors is a genuine silver lining.
  • Celtics fans will see lots of Marcus Smart for the rest of the season, assuming he stays on the court. With the ankle and Achilles injuries, it seems unlikely Stevens plays Smart more than 25 minutes per game.
  • One of the reasons Celtics fans who watch every Celtics game (regardless of their record) will mourn this trade is the fact that Rajon is a wonder to behold, even when functioning at 80% of his abilities. We will miss the incredible court vision, the rebounding, the improvisational genius, and other aspects of his unorthodox game.
  • Some will say the Celtics now have a direction: the complete rebuild while the draft pick stockpile grows.
  • I’m not sure how many first round picks can legally be traded at once, but I believe Danny Ainge will attempt to trade four future 1st round picks for an actual rim protector.
  • Spry Phil Pressey is going to average 25 minutes, 6+ assists, and close to 2 steals per game for the rest of the year. Don’t look at his shooting percentage.
  • The Dallas Mavericks will be really fun to watch for the rest of the season. Monta and Rondo alone would be fun, but add in Parsons, Chandler, and Dirk and holy shit.
  • The Western Conference Playoffs just went from awesome to completely and ridiculously insane. The health of Dwight Howard, Andrew Bogut (both have lingering knee issues), and Robin Lopez (fractured hand) will all have an impact on how things shake out.
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