Blake Griffin is Frozen in Time

Blake Griffin is like butter. Because he is on a roll. And butter is often spread on a roll.

It’s halftime of Game 2 of last night’s Clippers-Rockets game. It will remain halftime until about 1pm. The dogs are sleeping. The humans are gone. The Playoffs are paused.

Blake Griffin scored 26 points (missing 3 shots) in the first half this morning (last night). He threw lob passes to DeAndre Jordan while I sipped my cup of Italian Roast and munched on my toasted pretzel roll (cheese instead of butter). Blake Griffin grabbed rebounds and ran the floor like a swift and agile zebra (gazelle is used too often, and even though zebras are sometimes caught by lions, let’s spread the animal metaphors around). I went out to the driveway to throw the ball with the pack after getting dirty looks for a few minutes. I came back in, unpaused Blake Griffin, and he picked up where he left off, draining jumpers and backing down defenders with the utmost confidence.

Blake looked like LeBron, except more explosive. LeBron from five years ago with even more springs.

Blake Griffin is frozen in time at my house.

He probably won’t (or didn’t, to be accurate) score 50 points, doubling his halftime total. It would be downright shocking if the Rockets dropped a second game on their home court to open this series, with Chris Paul cheering his teammates on from the bench.

Blake Griffin will relinquish the ball when Game 3 starts back in Los Angeles. Chris Paul will rightfully take control of his uber-efficient Clippers offense, and J.J. Redick will find more of those open looks from beyond the arc. Blake may continue to dominate, putting up efficient triple-doubles and giving Kevin McHale and the Rockets staff nightmares.

These playoffs are full dramatic story lines, as they always are. Mike Conley defying the odds and sparking the Grizzlies in his resurrection from facial surgery and Tony Allen snatching steals and grabbing momentum for Memphis. In an ironic twist, the perennially injured Bulls get to face the depleted Cavs and steal home court convincingly. The Hawks continuing to win despite the sea of doubters, while John Wall’s ascension is halted by a wrist injury. The Clippers rolling on after surviving the Spurs, without the invaluable Chris Paul.

But here’s Blake: frozen in time, at the peak of his powers, soaring through the air, but not just dunking…now he’s tossing mini-lobs for DeAndre, now he’s finding open shooters in the corners, now he’s draining another 18-footer from the elbow. Here’s Blake picking the Rockets apart from the middle of the court, while James Harden wonders about his own moment…

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