Jackie MacMullan, Jeff Van Gundy, Michael Lewis, Daryl Morey and Shane Battier: 2015 Sloan Panel on Innovators & Adopters

The Sloan Sports Analytics Conference still contains great panels, even if the conference has turned into a watered down, mainstream version of what it once was. Here’s a panel that I’m intrigued by. The way the NBA has adopted advanced metrics, deeper scouting, and value. Jeff Van Gundy and Shane Battier and the development of the modern NBA, discussed by intelligent and interesting folks. If you haven’t read Michael Lewis’ seminal piece from February 13, 2009. From the New York Times, Michael Lewis’ “The No-Stats All-Star,” read it now.

Published on Mar 10, 2015

Panel from the 9th MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, Friday February 27, 2015, Boston, MA

In his article about Shane Battier in the New York Times, “The No-Stats All-Star,” Michael Lewis states that “each [sport] now supports a subculture of smart people who view it not just as a game to be played but as a problem to be solved.” Battier is one of the innovators of this on the court, where he consistently used analytics data to better his game. Battier, Jeff Van Gundy and Daryl Morey formed a team that used data analysis for the Houston Rockets. The team explored how to take data from complex numbers to meaningful film evaluation to wins on the court. This panel explores how analytics has developed and what the future holds.

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