A Beginning

There is always a beginning.

Any writer can tell you that.

There is not always an ending.

These days, there are beginnings.

There are early mornings and few pauses.

There are hours that I barely recognize after they elapse.

There are attempts at attempting and the imagining of imaginations.

There are drives back toward a home we have made and are making.

There is a never-ending string of things.

There was not time for this…this….let’s call it a poem.

But here it is:

Stolen from the tides, a poem.

And now its gone.

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One thought on “A Beginning

  1. Ryan Keating says:

    There’s never time for anything! Ahhh. And yes, always easy to make beginnings and endings another story. I was listening to this NPR talk today about how having children makes you insanely efficient. Perhaps you’re in for an efficient time soon in your life? I’ll admit, Sam and I have been chatting a bit about it lately but I guess just seems so out of this world to imagine even though it’s a change but change, esp dramatic change is super hard to imagine. I’m sure if at all still a few years off.

    Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2015 05:39:54 +0000 To: yomomma321@hotmail.com

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