Gazing at Shoes: Ride’s “Vapour Trail” (1990), My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless

The musical genre term “Shoegaze” always struck me as a poetic term. My Bloody Valentine. We are listening to Loveless, and I’m realizing I probably never spent enough time with Loveless. Just came across “Vapour Trail” by Ride. So good.

Loveless. From Mark Richardson’s Pitchfork review of the reissue:

To say that anticipation for Loveless was high would be an understatement, and it delivered in every conceivable way. Few pop albums are routinely described in religious terms but this is one of them. It’s partly because, like any scripture worth its salt, it leaves itself open to interpretation. Going back to that Eno quote, there’s no telling what many of these songs “mean,” even after you’ve read the lyrics. They bypass the language center of the brain and head for other areas– where memory, tactile sensation, and emotions lie. It’s an album you feel more than one you understand.

Full performance (acoustic) from August at festival in Poland via KEXP Seattle:

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