Celtics Even Series With Hawks 2-2: (Marcus Smart Enters the Spotlight)

This year, time doesn’t allow for a full-scale obsessive dive into the Celtics first-round series with Atlanta. Instead, here is a brief ode to Marcus Smart and the power of belief.


Marcus Smart is not afraid. To be coarse, he don’t give a fuck.

Marcus Smart wants your elbow in his jaw.

“Is that all you got?” with a busted lip for his efforts.

Marcus Smart isn’t physical, he is a human swarm of bees.

Marcus Smart isn’t tenacious, he is a human ice bath, cooling off your hot hands.

Marcus Smart isn’t worried about shooting percentages, he just knows his team has to score…somehow, so he keeps believing it will go in…and in the playoffs…it has.

Marcus Smart will defend a power forward named Paul Millsap who torched the Celtics for three quarters, before finally slowing to a halt at 45 points…thanks in part to Marcus.

Marcus Smart will become a rebounding force.

Marcus Smart will learn how to channel his determination, one foul at a time.

Marcus Smart will never appear smooth or fluid, but will remain overwhelming.

Marcus Smart will not always pass the “eye-test” on offense.

Marcus Smart will always pass every test on defense.

Marcus Smart will bring the fire and the extinguisher.

That’s a clunky nickname, but I like, “The Human Fire Extinguisher.”

It’d be fun to watch him play “The Human Torch.”

Marcus Smart will make things messy.

Marcus Smart just turned 22.

Marcus Smart won Game 4, with some help from Isaiah and Evan and Jonas.

Now the series is tied 2-2, and the young Celtics are briefly turning heads.

The misfits fit together and play for each other.

Marcus Smart is plus 17 over the four games of the series (second only to the Swedish sensation Jonas Jerebko, who is plus 20).

Avery is out.

Kelly’s shoulder is a problem.

But here we are, with a very real shot at the second round.

Thank you, Marcus.

Thank you, Jonas.

Game 5 is Tuesday night.

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One thought on “Celtics Even Series With Hawks 2-2: (Marcus Smart Enters the Spotlight)

  1. mycelts says:

    LOVE THIS!! 🏀

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